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MOD Name 密探零零發
MOD Category Simulation
PlayStore ID com.iyagame.hdqt

密探零零發 MOD Simulation Game Information.

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【穿越成捕快 還原探案氛圍】穿越到大唐當捕快是什麼體驗?從搜索證據查看證詞,到選擇證據推理分析,再到判案確定元兇,還原古代案件偵破的整個過程。與各種名人做同事,別慌,相信你的主角光環!

【模擬大理寺 掌管大小事務】初到大理寺,就讓你掌管大理寺大大小小事務,你能把大理寺發展成為大唐第一司嗎?百姓的各種冤情,你能一一處理好嗎?

【暗樁接頭 情報在手中】掌控全朝最機密的情報機構,你想要的不想要的情報都要過你手。如果有一天暗樁來報:有奸細!你該如何找出!

【搜證破案 升堂判案】一個案件,凡經過必留下證據,現場搜證,從蛛絲馬跡中尋找真相。對簿公堂,讓嫌疑人無所遁形,定惡平冤。

【化身仵作 驗傷平冤】為生者權,為死者言,尋找死者的真正致命傷,確定死亡原因,找出疑點排除錯誤證據,根據嚴密邏輯完成死亡報告,令真凶無所遁形。

【行走在官場 考驗為官之道】官場爾虞我詐,憑藉你的才智,你能活過幾集?面對官員們的質疑以及強權,你是兩袖清風還是唯利是圖呢……

An archaic simulation management × investigation game. Here, you can collect secret piles of intelligence, try a hundred public cases, incarnate for injury and obtain evidence, search for evidence on the spot, solve cases, and punish the wicked. Traveling to the Tang Dynasty, you took an important position in Dali Temple and became the confidant of Master Di. You fought side by side with ancient celebrities. As the plot broke through one unsolved case, you also accidentally learned about unknown conspiracies and secrets… Can you become a good official who solves thousands of cases and wins the hearts of the people?

Game Features

[Crossing through into the arrest fast to restore the detective atmosphere] What is the experience of crossing into the Tang Dynasty as the arresting fast? From searching for evidence and viewing testimony, to selecting evidence for reasoning and analysis, to determining the culprit, and restoring the entire process of ancient case detection. Be a colleague with various celebrities, don’t panic, trust your protagonist halo!

[Analog Dali Temple in charge of large and small affairs] When you first arrive at Dali Temple, you will be in charge of all the affairs of Dali Temple. Can you develop Dali Temple into the first division of the Tang Dynasty? Can you deal with all the grievances of the people one by one?

[Hidden Pile Joint Intelligence in Hand] Control the most confidential intelligence agency in the entire dynasty, and all the information you want and not want has to pass through your hands. If there is a secret report one day: there are spies! How do you find out!

[Search evidence to solve the case, Shengtang Judgment] In a case, all evidence must be left, and evidence will be searched on the spot to find the truth from clues. In court, let the suspect have nowhere to hide, convict the evil and redress the injustice.

[Incarnation, Wound Inspection and Redress] The right to live, speak for the deceased, look for the real fatal injury of the deceased, determine the cause of death, find out the suspects and eliminate the wrong evidence, complete the death report according to strict logic, so that the real murderer will be hidden.

[Walking in officialdom, the way to be an official] The officialdom is intrigued. With your intellect, how many episodes can you survive? In the face of the doubts and power of officials, are you just a little bit more profitable…

※The content of this game involves sex, violence, tobacco and alcohol, love and friendship plots. According to the game software classification management method, it is classified as counseling 15 years old and can only be used by people over 15 years old.
※This game is a free game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game. Please make appropriate consumption based on personal interests and abilities.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging. Playing for a long time will easily affect your work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise moderately.
This game is represented by Ariel Networks Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, please contact the game customer service channel.

Whats New

  • Mod Bug Fixed
  • 密探零零發 Mod New Version Updated
  • 密探零零發 Download Fast
  • 密探零零發  Mod and Unlimited Money, coins files included.
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