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Free Download 魔剣伝説  Mobile Game with Mod, 魔剣伝説 is Action Mobile Game. All new and updated version are included in download links of  Mod file, Download links of this 魔剣伝説 game are fast and 100% secure from any viruses.Mod-services.com is following the google Play Sotre Rules.
MOD Name 魔剣伝説
MOD Category Action
PlayStore ID com.qjzj4399jp.google

魔剣伝説 MOD Action Game Information.

魔剣伝説 games screenshots and Mod features:

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魔剣伝説 Mod About the game :

今すぐダンロード、暗黒悟空になりましょう !








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Son Goku has come to the world of “Magic Sword Legend”!
Become Dark Goku, Dunroad now!
A character with the theme of “Nishiyu Illusion” has appeared in the legend of the magic sword.
Let’s experience it immediately ~

■ Update contents:
1. When creating a character, add a character with the motif of Saiyu, and those who are already playing can get Saiyu’s avatar for free at upcoming events.
2. Fixed the frame rate drop problem that occurs in the wing effect depending on the situation.
3. Optimized battle logic to alleviate the frame rate drop problem that occurs during battles with a large number of people.
4. Fixed red dot delay issue.
5. Fixed the problem of forced termination of the app under certain circumstances.

========== Adventure start! ===========

[World view]
・ The gods have lost their power, and the ancient evil gods have wrapped the world in darkness.
・ Suddenly, a monster appeared, and humankind was on the verge of destruction.
・ But over many difficulties, the brave got the magic sword of destruction!
・ The evil dragon reigns over the world again, and the world is about to perish.
・ God’s chosen hero, become a legend here!

[Full-scale MMORPG, free sword and magical world]
・ Defeat bosses one after another to level up and play freely by yourself
・ Let’s trample the dungeon with a swordfighter or a magician character!
・ Use your splendid skills to defeat even evil gods!

[Easy operation! Feel free to use one hand on the vertical screen, and easily level up even if left unattended or offline]
-Easy operation, a game that even beginners can easily play!
・ You can spin 200 consecutive gachas for free in the tutorial!
・ Commuting rush is okay! You can enjoy it freely with one hand!
・ When you are busy? Easily level up even if left unattended or offline!

[Make friends right away! Full of communication elements! ]
・ Chat easily! Make friends right away!
・ When to challenge a mighty boss? Of course, let’s fight with friends!
・ Collect more and more friends to become the strongest guilt!

[Game features]
・ You can easily enjoy full-scale MMORPG on your smartphone
・ Welcome to the world of swords and magic! Your own adventure begins here!
・ Easy operation! Feel free to enjoy with one hand on the vertical screen!
・ Create a party right away! Defeat the boss with your friends
・ Challenge the legendary dragon with everyone to become the strongest guilt
・ Let’s conquer the server VS server in a large-scale real-time power battle!
・ Get various pets and set out on an adventure!
・ Easily level up even if left unattended or offline!
・ You can spin 200 consecutive gachas for free in the tutorial!
・ Hundreds of types of equipment and abundant color variations

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Whats New

  • Mod Bug Fixed
  • 魔剣伝説 Mod New Version Updated
  • 魔剣伝説 Download Fast
  • 魔剣伝説  Mod and Unlimited Money, coins files included.
  • Game Rating: 6.0 | Users Votes: 22656

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