War on Wheels Mod 1.1.5 (Unlimited Money) Download

War on Wheels Mod

Free Download War on Wheels  Mobile Game with Mod, War on Wheels is Strategy Mobile Game. All new and updated version are included in download links of  Mod file, Download links of this War on Wheels game are fast and 100% secure from any viruses.Mod-services.com is following the google Play Sotre Rules.
MOD Name War on Wheels
MOD Category Strategy
PlayStore ID com.tap4fun.waronwheels.gplay

War on Wheels MOD Strategy Game Information.

War on Wheels games screenshots and Mod features:

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War on Wheels Mod About the game :

A century ago, Origin Blood isolated the Insectoids’ genes from a meteorite, but let the Insectoid Queen escape by accident during their experiments. Several years later, in the face of endless Insectoids, humanity fired nuclear bombs at them in desperation, and the world was reduced to a wasteland. The survivors became livestock and slaves fed by the Insectoids, while those not in captivity formed a resistance against them for the past century.
Your original camp was breached by the Insectoids, but by a stroke of luck, you managed to escape with your men and came to some rubble. The shortage of food forced you to start exploring the surrounding areas, and more unforeseen dangers or opportunities await your “exploration” within the rubble of civilization.
You need to stand up and build a new Shelter and we firmly believe that only you can lead us to defeat the Insectoids and rebuild human civilization!

– Game Features
Strategy + Exploration
– All-new gameplay that combines strategy games and casual adventure games.
– Hundreds of random and unique Skills to help you defeat the Insectoids.
– Thousands of maps loaded at random to give a new experience for each exploration.
– Tens of thousands of Insectoids and countless intricate obstacles await your challenge.

Build a Shelter
– Build a new Shelter amidst the rubble, and lead the survivors there.
– Modify your Hero Vehicle, upgrade Tech, and crush the attacks of the Insectoids.
– Communicate with other Shelters and form alliances with them, but be wary of people with ill intentions.

Legendary Hero Vehicle
There aren’t any cars, trucks, SUVs or buses on the roads, but only wild tanks chock full of weapons and armor! Would you like a buzzsaw to slice through your enemies? There’s one for you! Is there a flamethrower? Of course! What? You want a harvester to mow down the enemies? Well… there’s one for you as well!

RTS Battles
All battles on the main map happen in real time, which means you can join or quit the ongoing battles at any time! Control multiple marches of troops at the same time with a multi-point marching strategy. Multi-player siege, stealth attacks, assist your allies, fake rallies for surprise attacks mid-way… you can do everything you can think of!

Comic Book Art Style
Vibrant American comic book style, that keeps you engaged even after long hours of gameplay. Provides a more immersive game experience than traditional cartoon art style, supplemented by exaggerated colors and styles that accentuate the evil and wildness of this wilderness.
Updated Content:
1. We’ve added a new [Exploration] mode that combines strategy and casual adventure gameplay, which features hundreds of random skills and thousands of trap-filled maps for endless variations.
2. Hero Vehicle Recruitment has been changed to Hero Recruitment, and each Hero Vehicle has a corresponding beautiful heroine awaiting your recruitment.

Whats New

  • Mod Bug Fixed
  • War on Wheels Mod New Version Updated
  • War on Wheels Download Fast
  • War on Wheels  Mod and Unlimited Money, coins files included.
  • Game Rating: 9.5 | Users Votes: 1865

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